Watch This Girl Combine Soccer, Bat Flipping and Softball In One Amazing Video

Watch Marisa Arriaga, a junior from Cedar Hills (Texas) High School, show off a crazy softball/soccer trick shot.

A select few people here on Earth are gifted with so much athletic ability, talent and drive that every sport comes naturally. It's unfair, really. You might have no trouble hitting 3-pointers from the corner—that's indeed a useful skill—but your neighbor starts at quarterback, plays point guard and bashes home runs for the baseball team. We can do nothing but envy such chosen ones, and work as hard as we can to be as good at one thing as they are at everything.

That scenario appears to be the case in the above video of Cedar Hill (Texas) High School junior Marisa Arriaga, in which she shows off not only her superior hand-eye coordination, but also her expert soccer and softball skills. In less than five seconds, she flips a bat up into her hands, kicks a softball up in the air in front of her, and crushes what would most likely be a home run in any ball park. That sound you hear is colleges coaches salivating over this potential multi-sport athlete.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock