Why Francisco Lindor Stitched the Letters 'BC' on all of His Gloves

'BC' might be the most important letters in Lindor's life, and they've helped him become one of baseball's brightest stars.


They might be the two most important letters in Francisco Lindor's life.

When the Cleveland Indians superstar shortstop takes the field, the letters are with him. They adorn every fielding glove he owns. They're on the wrist of his batting gloves, on the tongue of his cleats, and stitched into the fabric of his compression arm sleeves. They're even included in both his Twitter and Instagram handles, @Lindor12BC.

Photo via @MLBastian

No, Lindor didn't graduate from Boston College. Nor is he a native of British Columbia. The BC stands for something every athlete strives for—"Be Consistent." Lindor first began scrawling the initials on his glove back when he was playing Class A ball for the Carolina Mudcats in 2013.

"Everyone said, 'be consistent, be consistent.' My dad tells me every day, too, 'be consistent, be consistent.' So, that's where it came from. It was my new mentality coming into this season: Be consistent," Lindor told Ohio.com in 2013.

That's been Lindor's motto for the last five years, and he's lived by it beautifully. He's one of the most consistent fielders in the MLB, as his .984 fielding percentage this season ranks third among all shortstops. But Lindor's also a consistent source of positive energy, something that rubs off on his teammates and contributes to the Indians' wonderful chemistry. Even opponents have noticed his never-less-than-joyous attitude. "He's got a lot of positive energy about him," Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon told ESPN.

Lindor's also incredibly consistent with both his training and recovery routines throughout the season. That helps him prevent small slumps from turning into season-long skids. You saw that this season when Lindor had a dreadful month of June, hitting just .214 in 112 at bats. Even when the hits weren't coming, Lindor preached consistency. "I'm struggling. We've got to continue to compete, continue to work as hard as we can and back each other up no matter what," Lindor told Ohio.com during the midst of his slump. That attitude helped him follow up his poor June with a torrid month of July, batting .318 in 110 at bats.

While Lindor is known for spectacular defensive plays and monstrous home runs, those highlights would never be possible if he didn't follow his number one mantra. Be consistent.

Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty