Working Out on the Road Is Possible With These Tips

Don't neglect your training just because you're on the road. Follow these tips from STACK Expert Roger Lockridge.

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you can't train. If you're on the road and can't get to a gym, keep these tips in mind so you can be prepared to train at your convenience.

Bring Fitness Bands

Resistance Band

Fitness bands are awesome for two reasons: they are compact and portable; and they allow you to perform many exercises using resistance.

Many companies produce them with different levels of resistance so you have options for various exercises. It's ideal to have three different bands—light, moderate and heavy—and they don't take up much space in your gym bag.

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Perform Cardio on the Stairs

Running Stairs

Most hotels have several floors. Take full advantage of that. After you get settled, skip the elevator and find the stairs. Walking steps makes for great cardio, and you will be close to your room in case you would need to go back. This is much better than running in an unfamiliar neighborhood. You can burn more calories on the stairs than by walking or running on a hard surface.

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Carry Your Own Mat

Yoga Mat

Most hotel staffs are diligent about cleaning their rooms, but let's face it. No one wants to sweat and perform stretching movements on the floor of a place where many people have walked. A yoga mat serves you well because you are in control of how it's cleaned and maintained. You can unpack it, roll it out on the floor, and get the most out of floor exercises and stretching without having to worry about germs.

Master Bodyweight Exercises


Set aside the fact that you need to be strong enough to control your own body anyway. Bodyweight exercises like Squats, Push-Ups, Planks, Mountain Climbers and Burpees can serve you well both by taxing your muscles and helping you get a great aerobic workout. No equipment necessary, and a few feet of open space is all you need.

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Have a Stopwatch


You probably have one on your smartphone. Why should you use it? If you're traveling, you might not have much free time. So when you do have a few extra minutes, setting a stopwatch can push you to do as much as you can within that time. You'll work harder knowing the clock is running down to zero. The time pressure can help you do as much work as possible and make you feel good about your training.

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