STACK's Yoga for Athletes: The Perfect Warm-Up/Cool-Down

Yogi Rebecca Pacheco (meet Rebecca) kicks off STACK's Yoga for Athletes series with the basics. Although her first routine is entitled "Yoga for Runners," it is a perfect warm-up /cool-down for athletes in all sports.

Pacheco has helped amateur, Olympic and professional athletes improve their game and avoid injury with the movements in this sequence. Try it as a warm-up before your next game, and follow Rebecca on Facebook or Twitter for more great yoga routines for athletes.

Yoga Warm-Up/Cool-Down

Watch the video below for full workout instructions.

  • Start in Rag Doll or a forward-fold position with hips shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent
  • Walk back to Downward Dog
  • Lift one leg and begin to circle hip
  • Step to low lunge with Cat/Cow Tilts
  • Move forward to Half Pigeon
  • Step back to Downward Dog and forward to an IT Band Stretch
  • Roll to stand up and progress to a Side Body Stretch
  • Fold back to Rag Doll
  • Repeat on opposite side


Topics: WARM-UP | YOGA

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