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Athlete Meal Plan

As a young athlete, you're faced with an overwhelming amount of choices on what you need to be eating. The proper athlete meal plan is a healthy ratio of protein, carbs and fiber eaten at specific times, along with staying hydrated to promote muscle growth and recovery, peak performance levels and improve overall health. STACK's content makes it easy for you by breaking down what you need to be eating, such as whole grains, fruits/vegetables and lean meats, and what you need to avoid. Learn how elite athletes supercharge their performance by viewing scientifically-supported nutrition strategies, the top products available today, and even meal plans tailored to you and your sport. Outlast the competition by outeating them with STACK.

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Subway's Jared Fogle challenges Olypmic medalist Apolo Ohno to take on the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. Ohno glady accepts the 26.2 mile challenge and tells us how nutrition will help get him to the finish line.

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