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Air Force Study Confirms Efficacy of Vision Training

As an athlete, you've probably heard about ways to improve your reaction time and eye-hand coordination and wondered if they are effective. To fin...

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3 Air Force Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Athletes at the Air Force Academy have been performing cadet vision training exercises for more than a decade, with impressive results. The first y...

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How to Join the Air Force as an Officer

Thinking about joining the Air Force? If you're the captain of a sports team, president of a club or just enjoy the challenge of leading others, con...

By: Dustin Brady

Want to Become a Better Leader? Start Being a Better Follower

Leadership advice is plentiful for those who seek it. At your local bookstore, you'll find shelves full of advice and counsel from athletes, coaches...

By: Dustin Brady

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Robots at the Ready

Air Force engineer 1st Lt Jason Rathje describes the robots or “autonomous agents,” which his lab is developing to help Airmen and emergency personnel to be better informed.

The Sky’s Not the Limit

Col Benjamin Alvin Drew, Jr. (Ret) describes the path that led him from Air Force helicopter pilot to astronaut.

To Own the Skies

Air Force Lt Col Eric Smith, an F-35 instructor pilot, talks about the elements that make the F-35 one of the most technologically advanced aircrafts in history.

No Time to Fail

After the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake damaged Port-au-Prince International Airport’s air traffic control tower, a small U.S. Air Force Special Operations team quickly got the airfield running so that countries could start delivering aid.

Stepping into the Unknown

Retired Air Force Col Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. talks about Project Excelsior, in which he parachuted from a record 65,000 feet above the earth, proving that a human being could survive such a jump.