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One of the key features of the latest STACK Performance Center allows athletes across the country to have their sports performance, training, nutrition and skills questions answered directly by industry-leading experts. The following responses focus on the most frequently submitted Ask the Experts questions in an effort to help answer the most burning questions for athletes looking to improve their performance.

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Ask the Experts: What's the Best Grip for Deadlifts?

Q: What is the best grip for Deadlifts? A: This seems like a fairly straightforward concept. You grab the barbell and start deadlifting. Howeve...

By: Andy Haley

Ask the Experts: Why Do I Get Extremely Sore After a New Workout?

Q: Why Do I Get Extremely Sore After Starting a New Workout Program? A: We've all been there. You hit the weights for the first time in a while or ...

By: Andy Haley

Ask the Experts: What's the Fastest Way to Increase My Bat Speed?

Q: What's the easiest and fastest way to increase my bat speed? A: Bat speed is not something you can improve overnight. Like any skill, it takes y...

By: Andy Haley

Ask the Experts: How Can I Use Stairs to Work Out?

Q: How can I sue stairs to work out? A: Simply walking up stairs is a good workout in its own right. Your legs will burn and your heart will pound....

By: Andy Haley

Ask the Experts: Should I Perform the Leg Press?

Q: Is it OK to perform Leg Presses as my main lower-body exercise? A: No, if you're an athlete, you should not perform the Leg Press. Pressing ...

By: Andy Haley