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Training and competition place high demands on the body, so athletes need meal plans to get the right nutrients and fluids at the right times. Sticking to an eating plan facilitates gains in muscle size, strength and speed as well as overall athletic performance. Get expert advice on formulating a meal plan specific to your nutritional needs to help you achieve your performance goals.

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The Avocado: Health Benefits Every Athlete Should Know

The mighty avocado - or as I like to call it, "nature's mayo" - packs a super food punch that is absolutely to be trifled with. Clinical Dietician...

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How to Kill Your Sweet Tooth in 4 Easy Steps

A strong sweet tooth can be a curse. You constantly crave sweets, and even when you're trying to cut back, it's impossible to resist a cookie, a piece...

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The New Food Guidelines for Athletes

The recent USDA dietary guidelines for healthy eating are already mired in controversy. In only a week, there has been an outcry from nutrition scient...

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Is Nutritional Yeast the Next Big Thing in Health Food?

Nutritional yeast. The name doesn't exactly elicit a positive response. Other superfoods have cool names like goji berries or acai juice, which s...

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Why Iceberg Lettuce is Better for You Than You Think

Your salad has been done wrong. It's time to set the record straight. For years people have badmouthed iceberg lettuce, calling it "nutritional...

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Why Athletes Should Eat Avocados

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