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For elite athletes, a proper speed training program should improve the skills and attributes associated with running—proper mechanics, sprinting technique, top-end speed, acceleration, agility, multidirectional movement and speed endurance—as well as for events such as the 40-Yard Dash. Find the information you need to improve every aspect of your speed, including advice on workouts, exercises and drills from the nation's top coaches and elite athletes.

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WATCH: Pro Bodybuilders Challenge NFL Players to a Race, Injuries Ensue

NFL Combine athletes put up eye-popping numbers in the 40-Yard Dash. The fastest players routinely clock in under the 4.4-second mark. Even the ...

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Make Agility Drills More Difficult With a Wheelbarrow

In a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2009, researchers found that strongman exercises "challenge the strength of...

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3 Rules Every Good Speed Training Plan Must Follow

If you're a strength and conditioning coach you'll have to frequently answer athletes questions about ways to get faster? And the reason athletes want...

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The Kansas City Royals Won the World Series Using Speed and Base Running as Weapons

The Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series on Sunday night, their first title since George Brett was rocking a powder blue uniform 30 years ...

By: Jordan Zirm

Get Faster With This Advanced Stair Sprinting Workout

Santa Monica Stairs: Sprinting Stairs Every major city, and/or college town has stairs available to the public. When I went to Chico State, they had...

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See What Happens When NBA Star Michael Carter-Williams Races a World-Class Sprinter

Can Michael Carter-Williams hold his own against his friend who is a track star at Syracuse?

How Peyton Manning Stays Quick and Agile in the Pocket

NFL All-Pro QB Peyton Manning isn't known for his speed, but his quickness and footwork in the pocket are exceptional, allowing him to evade rushers and hit open receivers. Check out the cutting-edge agility drills that power his performance.

Soccer Speed: Wall Cross-Over Drill

Learn how to perform the Wall Cross-Over Drill, a drill that increases lateral speed and quickness for soccer players.

Soccer Speed: Med Ball Three-Way Rotations

Learn how to perform Med Ball Three-Way Rotations, a drill that increases body control and core stbaility to improve soccer change-of-direction speed.

Soccer Speed: Med Ball Single-Leg Rotations

Learn how to perform Med Ball Single-Leg Rotations, a drill that increase single-leg stability and change-of-direction speed for soccer players.