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WATCH: 100-Year-Old Woman Runs 100-Meter Dash in a Little Over a Minute

For some people, age is a number that signifies approximately how much longer they have to live. It can be a product of one's social clock, a conc...

By: Cameron Fields

WATCH: Oklahoma Linebacker Eric Striker's Speech to His Family After Going Undrafted Will Make You Cry

For every clip you're shown of an NFL prospect receiving a phone call from an NFL coach informing him that he's been drafted, and of the tears, hugs...

By: Jordan Zirm

WATCH: Terron Beckham Competes Against Pro Bodybuilder in Insane Vertical Jump Contest

When you pit professional bodybuilders against NFL prospects in a series of athletic competitions, who comes out on top? That's the questio...

By: Brandon Hall

Go Inside Thon Maker's Training for the NBA Combine

In 2005, Amir Johnson became the last player drafted into the NBA directly from high school. In 2006, a new collective bargaining agreement required...

By: Jordan Zirm

STUDY: Nearly 90% Of This Year's NFL Draft Picks Played Multiple Sports in High School

There's no doubt many college football recruiters prefer high school athletes who play multiple sports. Now there's concrete evidence proving that m...

By: Brandon Hall

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Path to the Pros 2016: Ryan O'Malley Knows His Hard Work Will Land him a Spot in the NFL

Former University of Pennsylvania tight end Ryan O'Malley prepares for the NFL Draft at TEST Football Academy in New Jersey.

Path to the Pros 2016: This Small School Walk-On is the Best NFL Prospect You Haven't Heard Of

Former Clarion University Defensive Tackle Kwame Bell is determined to prove that small school players can compete in the NFL.

Path to the Pros 2016: Passion Powers Former Buffalo QB Joe Licata's Push to Reach the NFL

Former Buffalo QB Joe Licata trains at TEST Football Academy in Martinsville, New Jersey, to get ready for his shot at the NFL.

Path to The Pros 2106: The Relentless Work Ethic That Transformed Josh Doctson From College Walk-On to Potential NFL Star

When he first arrived as a transfer at Texas Christian University, Josh Doctson was just a walk-on fighting for a chance to play. Now, he's one of the top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Path to the Pros 2016: The Power of Delvon Simmons' Competitive Spirit

Former USC defensive tackle Delvon Simmons is training hard at EXOS Los Angeles in preparation for his NFL debut.