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SURVIVING SEALFIT: What Happened When a Regular Guy Tried to Train Like a Navy SEAL

I'm probably in big trouble. That's the first thought that hit me as I lay on the floor panting in a puddle of sweat. Just behind me, an elderly ...

By: Brian Sabin

Build Endurance With This Navy SEAL Workout Finisher

As part of their training, Navy SEAL candidates swim lots of miles, sometimes in the middle of the night and sometimes with their hands and feet bound...

By: Dustin Brady

How to Think Like a SEAL

U.S. Navy SEALs undergo some of the most brutal training on earth, often performing hours of demanding exercise while cold, wet, and sleep-deprive...

By: Dustin Brady

Gut-Check Navy SEAL Workout

As the time goes on, we are confronted with more obstacles of various difficulties. It is the individuals who are able to adapt, and become stronger...

By: Scott Abramouski

10 Extreme Tests of Your Mental Toughness

Mark Divine was at his breaking point. After five and a half days of sleep-deprived torture by the surf, Divine was singled out by a Navy SEAL ...

By: T.J. Murphy