Performance gear includes all types of products and services aimed at helping athletes improve their performance. Performance gear is constantly evolving, and it's a hot area for innovation. A steady stream of new products flows to the market, all promising to help athletes get better. Apparel [e.g., sweat-wicking fabrics, compression shorts]; shoes [e.g., basketball sneakers, baseball cleats]; training tools [e.g., speed ladders, hurdles]; and accessories [e.g., heart rate monitors, mouth guards] are just a few of the categories of gear intended to help athletes train and compete at peak levels.

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Colorado School District Bans Students From Wearing Peyton Manning's Jersey

Throughout the great State of Colorado this week, you don't have to look far to find people rocking Peyton Manning's number 18 Denver Broncos jersey...

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Check Out Charles Woodson's 'All-Gold' Air Jordan VII Cleats for His Final Pro Bowl

Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson will take the field for the last time in his career tonight, when he participates in the 2016 Pro Bowl; and...

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LeBron James Wore the Wrong Pair of Shorts For Close to An Entire Quarter

When you're LeBron James, and the San Antonio Spurs are coming into your building for a game you desperately need to win in order to inject much n...

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Under Armour Adds Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to its Roster

Under Armour has endorsement deals with many top-tier superstar athletes, including reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry and Super Bowl-bound and NFL MVP ...

By: Rob Scott

LOOK: Cam Newton Has His Teammates' Names Written All Over His Cleats

There's a school of thought by a minority of football fans that Cam Newton is somehow a selfish player. Whether it's his dancing or the pearly whi...

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WestWolf coming through with some AJXXX's. Better move before you get moved

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NFL Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden teamed up with longtime friends Anthony Ho and Damier David to bring a reputable sneaker store to downtown Cleveland.