Performance gear includes all types of products and services aimed at helping athletes improve their performance. Performance gear is constantly evolving, and it's a hot area for innovation. A steady stream of new products flows to the market, all promising to help athletes get better. Apparel [e.g., sweat-wicking fabrics, compression shorts]; shoes [e.g., basketball sneakers, baseball cleats]; training tools [e.g., speed ladders, hurdles]; and accessories [e.g., heart rate monitors, mouth guards] are just a few of the categories of gear intended to help athletes train and compete at peak levels.

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2016 Path to the Pros: Building Better Athletes Through Technology

This year's NFL Draft prospects have access to cutting-edge performance technology, such as the Vertimax Raptor and Athos Wearable Technology. These tools provide coaches an unmatched ability to improve their athletes' performance at the Combine.

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