Sports Skills

Each sport requires athletes to master specific skills—for example, shooting in basketball, footwork in soccer, batting in softball. Perfecting these skills requires learning the skill techniques and repeatedly performing drills to commit them to muscle memory. Learn the best skill-building techniques and drills from top coaches and athletes.

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The Best Drills for Improving Balance and Agility

When you think of a great athlete what attributes come to mind? Speed, strength, power? But what about balance? Balance can make or break a game winning...

By: John Papp

The Childhood Games That Made J. R. Smith One of the Deadliest Shooters in the NBA

At its core, basketball is all about space. On offense, five players speed around in a blur, like a human time lapse, their movements attempting ...

By: Jordan Zirm

WATCH: 19-Year-Old Dylan Larkin Breaks NHL Fastest Skater Record

For 20 years, Mike Gartner's record in the NHL's Fastest Skater Competition has held firm. Despite the faster speed and incredible talent in the mod...

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A Peripheral Vision Test That Might Prevent Concussions

Peripheral vision is one of 9 elements of athletic visual skill, which athletes should be able to perform with a significant level of proficiency (to...

By: Troy Dodson

10 Golf Swing Exercises for More Powerful and Accurate Shots

Golf is one of the most technical sports that athletes play and requires a great deal of muscular balance. An athlete's motor skills need to be right on...

By: Andrew Meyers

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Nick Ahmed's Routine for Batting Cage Practice

Arizona shortstop Nick Ahmed steps up to the plate for batting practice during an off-season workout. Ahmed progresses through a variety of hitting techniques to improve his accuracy and consistency.

Nick Ahmed's Quick Tips for Improved Baseball Fielding

Arizona shortstop Nick Ahmed talks about his favorite baseball fielding tips. Incorporate these into your game for improved play on the field.

How Travis Benjamin Defied the Odds and Became a Number One Receiver

Coming into the NFL, Travis Benjamin had plenty of speed but was deemed too little to be a top wide receiver. But hard work and a dedication to learning the intricacies of the game helped him go from fast guy to true No. 1 receiver.

NFL Wide Receiver Travis Benjamin Shows You How to Win at the Line of Scrimmage

NFL wide receiver Travis Benjamin describes and demonstrates techiniques to help receivers get off the line of scrimmage.