Athletes express their style, among other ways, by their clothing, footwear and lifestyle accessories away from the gym, court or playing field. Style reflects an individual athlete's character and personality. Many different "looks"—e.g., casual, formal, relaxed, business casual—can be presented by means of wardrobe selections and accessory choices: jeans, khakis, sweaters, shoes, watches, jackets, hats, tees, belts and (on occasion) sport coats and suits. Find out how to enhance your style with leading wardrobe tips from today's top fashion experts and athletes.

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tasc's 'The Boss' Hoodie Has a Little Secret That's Perfect for Athletes

Hoodies were always almost perfect. Their sole shortcoming? Keeping stuff secure. The kangaroo pocket sewn to the front of the garment was the idea...

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Make a Classic Winter Look Hotter With adidas Originals Trefoil Leggings

Go for a stroll on a winter day and you'll spot hundreds of women rocking the same pair of black leggings. Why wouldn't they? Leggings are simple, com...

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Don't Sacrifice Fashion for Function—This Nike Hoodie Has It All

If you're hoping for something warm and stylish under the tree this holiday season, look no further than the Nike Women's All-Time Swoosh Hoodie f...

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Look Cool, Stay Dry With Nike College Basketball Practice T-Shirt

If you're looking to rep your favorite college basketball team this holiday season, Eastbay has exactly what you need. The Nike College Basketball ...

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Nike's Air Max Thea's Elegant, Low-Profile Look Hides a High-Performing Build

Women know that some shoes look good and others feel good. Rarely does a single shoe do both. The Nike Air Max Thea is one of the fortunate few that o...

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