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How High-Intensity Training Made This CrossFit Coach a Better Athlete

Mitch Lowry, CrossFit Coach at CTown CrossFit in Cleveland, Ohio, explains how his love for athletics transformed into a healthy lifestyle and career in coaching CrossFit.

How UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic Conditions His Body For a Fight

To be prepared for each of his bouts, UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic performs an intense conditioning routine.

How a Fitness-Focused Business Owner Balances Work and Training

NOOMA organic electrolyte drink co-founder Jarred Smith shares his story of athletics. Smith explains how he built his career around fitness and how he incorporates exercise into his busy entrepreneurial schedule.

Track Your Training Progress With This High-Intensity Benchmark Workout

CrossFit Coach Scott Supler demonstrates a timed three-exercise workout you can do to check your fitness level. This benchmark workout can be done once every two months to measure your improvement.

How a Certified Running Coach Has Turned Personal Goals Into a Lifestyle and Career

Running coach Rachel Frutkin began running to lose weight after having her first child. What she found was a way of life that has given her energy and strength. She now uses her knowledge and passion for running to inspire and train others.

How a CrossFit Box Owner Uses Running to Improve Overall Fitness

CrossFit Sixth City owner Adam Daugherty talks about why he uses running to supplement his daily training routines.

Why Every Runner Needs a Post-Run Cooldown and Recovery

CrossFit Sixth City owner and runner Adam Daugherty explains the benefits of a post-run cooldown.

Improve Your High-Intensity Training With Heart Rate Tracking

In Cleveland, Ohio, CTown CrossFit coach Mitch Lowry explains the benefits of tracking your heart rate for high-intensity workouts. Lowry describes how to easily incorporate heart rate tracking into your workouts with the Polar M600 watch.

Can You Handle the Houston Texans’ Ultimate Workout Finisher?

The Houston Texans rookies performed tough conditioning exercises at the end of their workout under the guidance of strength coach Craig Fitzgerald.

All-Star First Baseman Paul Goldschmidt’s Secret to Staying Calm During a Game

All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt explains how he adjusts his breathing to lower his heart rate and stay calm for big plays during a game.