Base rotations

Base rotations will better your offense and defense. "Offensively, it's going to help you by improving the elasticity in your core, which will help improve bat speed. And, defensively, it's going to help you with first-step quickness ... to get a great jump on the ball that's deep in the hole," Verstegen says.

Imagine a large X on the ground. Place your feet at the ends of one leg of the X. Square your shoulders and rotate your hips 45 degrees. Now, rotate your hips so your feet move from one leg of the X to the other. Work your abs and core to rotate the lower body. Keeping your shoulders square, pump your arms the opposite direction of your legs.

Performing base rotations for two sets of four seconds; work up to performing two sets of six to eight seconds. When two sets at six to eight seconds are an easy rotation, perform three sets of four seconds and work up to six to eight second sets. Rest for one minute between sets.

Once you master base rotations, Verstegen recommends enhancing the drill with sprints. Start back at two sets of four seconds when you add sprints. At the end of each set try to either: sprint forward eight yards, crossover step and sprint right or left eight yards, or drop step left or right and sprint back eight yards. Again, rest one minute between sets.