In-and-out Drills

The drill's name—in-and-out—refers to moving in and out of top speed sprinting. The drill forces a constant shift in gears to help improve the ability to run a high sprint on command. The breakdown of the in-and-out drill is as follows:

- 15 meters of acceleration
- 10 meters of an aggressive turnover phase
- 20 meters of foating (don't slow down or accelerate)
- 10 meters of an aggressive sprint - slow down out of the sprint

Perform two sets of three reps. Take a three-minute rest between reps and a five-minute rest between sets. To increase difficulty, increase the sprint distances.

Add a third set only as your condition improves. Brauman warns not to add it too quickly though. "The key is making sure the runner is keeping good form. Once he or she begins to bend or lose form, cut the drill off for the day."