Pro Agility Drill

  • Start in a 2-point stance straddling the starting line
  • Open to your right or left; sprint 5 yards; touch the line with your hand
  • Turn and sprint 10 yards and touch the line with your hand
  • Turn and sprint 5 yards through the finish line

Days a week: 2 / Reps: 2-4 / Rest: 1-1.5 minutes

Variations: Scramble starts (start on your stomach, back, etc.); use a different skill in each leg of the drill (shuffle, backpedal, carioca, etc.); increase distance to a 7-14-7.

Seasonal Transitions:

  • During fall ball, use the 7-14-7 and rest 1-1.5 mintues
  • During January ball, use the 5-10-5 and rest 40-45 seconds

Benefits: The Pro Agility helps infi elders work on dropping their center of gravity when fielding ground balls. Pitchers and catchers work on quickness for fielding bunts. All players work on the transition from the batter’s box to the sprint to first.

Key Point: Make sure direction changes are quick and clean.

Coaching Point: “Palm the line to work on really dropping your center of gravity. This is especially helpful for infielders working to get low for ground balls."