Physioball Shoulder Stability Circuit (Y, T, W, L)

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• Lie with stomach on physioball
• With thumbs up and arms straight, raise arms in front so body and arms form a Y


• With thumbs up and arms straight, raise arms out to side so body and arms form a T


• With thumbs up, arms bent and elbows tight to ribcage, squeeze shoulder blades and rotate hands as far back as possible so arms form a W


• With arms hanging toward floor, raise elbows and bend arms so upper arms are parallel to floor and elbows form 90-degree angle
• Externally rotate upper arms so the backs of hands rotate toward ceiling

Sets/Reps: Begin with 32 total reps (8 each exercise) and work up to 72 total reps (18 each exercise).
Benefits: “This progression is great for improving shoulder stabilization, because it strengthens the rotator cuffs and scapular and thoracic muscles. It ultimately works as a prehab routine that prevents shoulder joint injuries.”

The Big Picture: “We perform this progression at the end of a pulling session, like chin-ups, which trains larger muscles. We don’t use any weight with these exercises.”

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