Bryan McCall

Bryan McCall

Bryan McCall, CSCS, is the performance director for the Michael Johnson Performance Training Center at SPIRE Institute (Geneva, Ohio). He has worked in the performance enhancement field for more than a decade, most recently as performance director at Champions Training Academy. McCall has also done sport-specific training for the Baseball Factory, the leading scouting organization for elite baseball players; the Dallas Texans, a top-ranked Nike-sponsored soccer club; and Nike high school football training camps. He has a bachelor's degree in exercise science from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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How Strong is Your Core?

How Strong is Your Core?

Many fitness-minded individuals, members of the general public and even athletes lack true core strength. They may be able to rip out crunches, but they...

By: Bryan McCall

How to Prevent Jumper's Knee

How to Prevent Jumper's Knee

Patella pain is a leading complaint among athletes. Patellofemoral syndrome commonly affects athletes who jump frequently—hence the nickname "jumper's knee"—but non-jumping athletes can also fall...

By: Bryan McCall




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