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How To Fix Common Running Injuries

Running injuries can be detrimental to the success of elite athletes and runners. Most running injuries tend to be from overuse. Shin Splints: One of...

By: Matt Tanneberg

What the Early End of U.S. Marathoner Ryan Hall's Career Can Teach Athletes About Overtraining Syndrome

Every athlete wants to be the best at their individual sport, which is why they spend countless hours in the weight room, on the field, and out on the...

By: Andrew Meyers

This Bodyweight Cardio Workout Can Be Performed by Anyone Anywhere

While many people use their schedules as an excuse why they can't train on a regular basis, the excuse that you don't have the right equipment is never...

By: Roger Lockridge

3 Treadmill Running Workouts That Build Endurance

The treadmill gets a bad rap. Yes, it can be boring, and yes it doesn't feel "authentic" compared to the road or the trails, but it serves an excellent...

By: Jennifer Britton

5 Tips to Avoid Rookie Mistakes at Your First Triathlon

Nothing does more for an ego than competing in a triathlon. It's a testament to not only your fitness, but also your endurance level — both mental and...

By: Chris Thornham