Books are a source of information and inspiration for student-athletes seeking new ways to improve their performance. Instructional books help athletes learn sport-specific skills and strategies; proper methods for improving strength, speed and power; and other aspects, such as mental training, injury rehabilitation and team building. Both fiction and non-fiction books, whether in print or electronic form, offer inspiring stories about the best athletes, teams and events in the history of sports. Find books that interest you and that will help you improve your athletic performance.

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Novel 'Knight of the Purple Ribbon' Is an Action-Packed Journey

The book "Knight of the Purple Ribbon: A Novel (Baron de Graffenried's Colonial Adventures)" is a historic read based on the real life adventures of the...

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'Spartan Up!' by Joe De Sena Shows How to Overcome Obstacles in Sports and Life

Joe De Sena, the CEO and c0-founder of the popular Spartan Race, has written a book beneficial to athletes and anyone else looking to transform them...

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Meek Mill to Release Debut Novel, 'Tony's Story'

Meek Mill will release his debut novel, Tony's Story, on May 1. It will be available in both paperback and e-book format. The novel follows the...

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Lil Wayne's Memoir "Gone Til November" to Hit Shelves In May

Initially slated for release in November, Lil Wayne's memoir, Gone Till November, will instead hit bookstores in May 2013. The 288-page memoir ...

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ESPN and Marvel Comics Join Up For LeBron James Comic Book

ESPN The Magazine and Marvel Comics have teamed up to create a LeBron James comic book. The project—entitled LeBron: King of the Rings—narrates...

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