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Hitting Drills

Be a more disciplined batter with hitting drills designed to improve your batting average and power numbers. Baseball players need to be able to react quickly, turn on the ball and explore, and practice makes perfect. But it goes beyond hitting off a tee, over and over. STACK has dozens of drills aimed at getting you more confident at the plate.

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Alex Gordon shares his secrets on how to read pitchers and swing successfully.

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Become a Better Hitter

Become a Better Hitter

Hitting a baseball thrown at high speed is among the most difficult feats in sports. When a ball is traveling at more than 90 mph,...

By: Mark Shiffer

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Low Tee Drill With LSU Baseball

Low Tee Drill With LSU Baseball

LSU Baseball hitting coach Javi Sanchez demonstrates the Low Tee Drill. Incorporate this drill into your baseball program for better swings.