Getting Started

Apply Here

STEP 1: Apply to Become an Official STACK Expert Contributor

  • Click on the Skyword application link
  • Create a new account
  • Enter name, username, password, email address and PayPal account email. If you do not have a PayPal account, please sign up at so you can receive compensation for your article.
  • Choose preferred categories
  • Enter your byline, reasons you should be considered and writing sample
  • Accept terms of agreement

STEP 2: Approval

  • A member of STACK's editorial team will respond to your application within 24 hours
  • If approved, you will start submitting articles and send STACK your bio and headshot

STEP 3: Start Writing Articles

  • Sign into Skyword
  • Complete training (must be signed in first)
  • Click "Write Articles" from the main navigation and select an open assignment or suggest a topic
  • Write article in Word doc and copy and paste it into Skyword
  • Submit for SEO score
  • Submit article once approved
  • A STACK editor will review your article within two business days and contact you with feedback

STEP 4: Promote Your Work and Get Recognized

  • Promote your work to your clients, friends and colleagues via emails, personal or company websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook
  • STACK will recognize the most popular experts and articles throughout the year based on the number of page views their material garners
  • Popular experts will be recognized in STACK's "Top Articles" list
  • Use this recognition to build your résumé and qualifications to advance your career
  • Top performers receive awards and prizes

Frequently Asked Questipons

What is Skyword?

The STACK Expert Contributor Program uses the Skyword platform to make contributing to STACK as easy and efficient as possible. By writing your STACK articles on the Skyword platform, you'll:
  • Reduce email back-and-forth with STACK. All of your articles will be organized in a single location, and you'll be able to see all of your communication with STACK in one place.
  • Track the performance of all of your STACK articles. Find out which of your pieces are most popular and where traffic is coming from.
  • Use tools to help you get more search engine traffic and promote your work through social media

Does my email address need to be linked to a Paypal account?

No, your email address does not have to be linked to Paypal. Skyword uses the same sign-up process for all of their programs, some of which have a Paypal component. Just enter your preferred email address into this field.

What are open assignments?

These are topics that have been pre-approved by the STACK editorial team because they are both relevant to our audience and search engine friendly. Articles based on topics from this list usually get published the quickest.

How long do I have to complete a topic that I claim?

You have two weeks to complete an assignment that you have claimed. Because of this, we ask that you don't claim an assignment until you're ready to write the article. If something comes up and you need a little more time, let your STACK editor know and something will be worked out.

What is an "assignment offered to you"?

This is a topic that a STACK editor has developed just for you to write. Such assignments appear directly above the open assignment list. Assignments must be claimed within 48 hours of receipt or they expire. If something comes up and you need a little more time, let your STACK editor know and something will be worked out.

What if I have an idea for a topic that's not listed in the open assignments?

You can submit a proposal at the bottom of the Open Topics section. Please allow 24 hours for the STACK team to evaluate your proposal.

Why is my article failing my SEO scorecard?

The SEO scorecard is designed to help you write articles that have a strong chance of earning traffic from search engines. If you fail the test, take the feedback into consideration and rework your article. One of the most common reasons for failing the SEO scorecard is not including the exact keyword phrase in the title. If you failed the scorecard, the first thing you should do is make sure the title includes the full topic phrase in the order it's written. For example, if "arm exercises for women" is the key phrase, "Five Women's Arm Exercises" is a title that would fail, while "Five Arm Exercises for Women" would pass. The SEO scorecard should be used as a guide and not a set of rules. Sometimes fully optimized articles fail because the author didn't use words in the exact order and tense used for the target keyword. For example, Skyword doesn't give credit for "arm exercise" if the keyword is plural, whereas search engines would. If you believe your article won't make sense if it uses the full, exact keyword, submit it with a note to the STACK editor, and it can be changed back during the editing process.

How can I insert a picture or video into my article?

Simply drag a picture from a Web page to your post. If you want to include a photo that isn't online, send it in an email to your STACK editor. For video, it's easiest to insert YouTube links in your article. Your STACK editor will insert the necessary code. Please coordinate with your STACK editor if you have video that is not available on YouTube.

Skyword says my article has been published, so why doesn't the article link work?

When Skyword says that an article has been "published," it just means that the article has left its system. Many times, these articles are scheduled to go live on the STACK website some time later. Once the post goes live on the STACK site, the link should work.

Expectations and Commitment

To remain an active STACK Contributor, you must submit at least one article per month, and we must publish at least 75% of what you submit. Articles are approved or rejected based on content quality and readability. Click here for more information on STACK's writing guidelines to ensure your articles meet our standards.
Writing Guidlines See Our Experts Review Policy