2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Get geared up for the new year with the latest video and article reviews of the season's best athletic apparel, training tools, clothing and tech accessories for athletes.

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Why the Apple Watch Series 2 is the Ultimate Smartwatch for Fitness and Tech Fans

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the ideal gift for the athlete or fitness-enthusiast who enjoys cutting-edge technology Over the past few months, I had t...

By: Andy Haley

tasc's 'The Boss' Hoodie Has a Little Secret That's Perfect for Athletes

Hoodies were always almost perfect. Their sole shortcoming? Keeping stuff secure. The kangaroo pocket sewn to the front of the garment was the idea...

By: Brian Sabin

ZAMST Filmista Ankle Support Provides Protection and Support Without Slowing You Down

What you notice most is the confidence you feel. When you secure ZAMST's Filmista around your ankle for the first time, you'll feel the comfort of ...

By: Brian Sabin

The Nike Dri-FIT Element 1/2 Zip Is The Ultimate Garment For Runners

Headphone wires that smack against your face when you run are a thing of the past, thanks to the Nike Dri-FIT Element 1/2 Zip. This garment goes...

By: Brandon Hall

His and Hers Under Armour ColdGear Will Help You Fight Winter's Bitterest Chill

Feeling cold? Freezing? Like someone dropped you off in an Inuit Village and you're wearing nothing but a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts? T...

By: Rob Scott