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4 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenges You Should Try in 2017

For many people January 1st is more than the start of a new year, it's when they continue their annua traditions of making New Years resolutions. One of...

Be Ready to Run a 5K in 6-8 Weeks

  If you're not a seasoned runner but can jog at least a mile, participating in a 5K event is within your reach. I've put together a 5K tra...

5K Training Program for Non-Runners

I recently completed my first 5K with I took part in the 5K Pump & run at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH in March. I'm not much of a runner...

The Complete 5K Nutrition Plan

The 5K is an amazing event . . . some people hope to cross the finish line in one piece, while others train hardcore for the sub-20 minute mark (or even...

5 Keys and A Workout Plan for An Awesome 5K

Athletes in all sports and of any ability benefit from following a structured, tailored training program - and even if you are just a walk/jogger, you...

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3 Strength Exercises Every Runner Should Do

Whether you're training for a 5k or a marathon, strength training is an essential element to develop an efficient stride, stay healthy and improve your running times. Here are three exercises that will give your running a boost.

Why Runners Should Develop a Training Plan for Distance Events

Running coach Rachel Frutkin explains the best way for beginning runners to get off the couch and attack their first 5k race.