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The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro Will Revolutionize Your Core Training

If your core workout still consists of nothing but Crunches, it's time to step up your game. The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro is here to help. As s...

By: Brandon Hall

5 Workouts for a Ripped Core

Having a chiseled six-pack is probably the number one superficial indicator that you at least try to lift some weight around every once and a while....

By: Brian Carlson

The Total-Body, Crunch-Free Ab Workout

Crunches, sit-ups, leg-lifts, and more crunches; everyone wants a good ab workout. A quick internet search will turn up countless crunching, curling,...

By: Steve Ball

Get the Most Out of Your Crunches

Do crunches work? A quick Google search will show a lot of conflicting information on the topic, but athletes need to know one way or the other, is it...

By: Steve Green

An Intense Ab Workout You're Not Doing

Ranging from high-level athletes to individuals who live for the gym, the driving force stays consistent. We are all trying to become stronger, faster,...

By: Scott Abramouski