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Chipotle Will Temporarily Shut Down so Company Execs Can Discuss Food Safety With Employees

The past few months have been a rough time for the Chipotle restaurant chain. Several cases of E. coli were traced to Chipotle burritos, forcing t...

By: Jordan Zirm

Scientists Find Pizza and Chocolate Are the Two Most Addicting Foods

Anyone who's tried to cut down on high-fat foods and sugary snacks knows it's not easy. Now, a new study has shed light on why giving up these ba...

By: Brandon Hall

Eminem Once Lost 81 Pounds By Running 17 Miles Every Single Day

If you want a perfect example of obsessively working out, it's Eminem's almost unbelievable story detailing how and why he used to run every singl...

By: Jordan Zirm

Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Mitch McGary is Looking Lean and Mean During NBA Summer League

Once a standout forward for the University of Michigan, Mitch McGary had a tough rookie season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last pre-season, he ...

By: Jordan Zirm

Amy Winehouse Documentary on the Way

A documentary about the life of popular British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse is headed for the big screen. Remembered as much for her public addict...

By: SkywordNews