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Texas Big Man Myles Turner's Improved Explosiveness Has Him Poised to be a Top-10 NBA Draft Pick

With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching, Myles Turner, who spent one season at the University of Texas before declaring for the draft, has complete...

By: Jordan Zirm

3 Simple Steps to Get Quick

Often over complicated and made to look more confusing and good looking than it really is. What am I talking about, Speed and agility training. I may...

By: Josh Williams

Breaking Down Eddie Lacy's Untacklable Performance

Eddie Lacy runs between the tackles like a bull in a china shop. Get him the ball with some space, and Lacy is one bull defenses don't want to me...

By: Zac Clark

Eddie Lacy: The Power Back

What sets Eddie Lacy apart from the other running backs in the 2013 NFL Draft? "I'm a bigger back but I can be agile," Lacy says. "I can break long...

By: Zac Clark

Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball Players

Volleyball by its nature depends on quick and explosive movements. For that reason alone, plyometric exercises are especially valuable to volleyball...

By: Wray Watkins