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Casey Affleck Teams With Joaquin Phoenix for a Western Movie

Casey Affleck is on board to direct a western entitled Far Bright Star. Joaquin Phoenix, whose sister Summer, is married to Affleck, will star in the ...

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6 Big Reasons You Should Be Eating Blackberries

Blackberries are a flavor-packed fruit that is super versatile in the kitchen. A handful of blackberries can increase the deliciousness of almost ...

By: Brandon Hall

Channing Tatum Film 'The Forever War' on the Way

The upcoming adaptation of the sci-fi war novel The Forever War, starring Channing Tatum, is a hot property. Several studios tried to outbid each othe...

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'Mr. Holmes' Offers a New Twist on the Classic Detective

Get ready for an interesting new take on literature's most famous sleuth in the upcoming mystery film Mr. Holmes. Actors ranging from Basil Rathbon...

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Al Pacino Stars in 'Danny Collins'

Al Pacino portrays an aging 1970's rock star who makes a life altering discovery in the big screen dramedy Danny Collins. In this star-studded film, C...

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