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The Ultimate Football Warm-Up

A gym full of the NFL's top talent sweats around trainer Todd Durkin. To the right, a Super Bowl MVP drives his knee into the air as he skips acros...

By: Brian Sabin

Determining Whether You Should Train for Balance or Stability

Repeatedly in the training world, we see the addition of an unstable surface as a means to make an exercise more 'functional'. But what is the real...

By: Sherwin Vasallo

Lower-Body Strength Training for Lacrosse

         With the lacrosse off-season in full swing, players are busy putting in work on the field and in the weight room. "Bigger, faster, stronger" is...

By: Josh Funk

Prevent or Rehab Ankle Sprains With These Strategies

Ankle injuries are the most common of all sports injuries. A simple misstep can cause a rolled ankle and land you on the bench. Athletes who play ...

By: Brian Lebo

Avoid Ankle Injuries

The ankle must support the weight of the body against the ground while maintaining your ability to move, whether you're walking down the street or fak...

By: Andy Haley