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How Alcohol Affects Athletic Performance

Alcohol and athletic performance have never been words that go together in a positive context. Drinking in moderation in perfectly fine for most people...

By: Gary Moller

5 Tips for Optimal Rest and Recovery

If you pay attention to professional sports, you may have noticed how professional leagues are more obsessed with resting their elite players than ever...

By: Gary Moller

Study Shows Booze Totally Wastes Your Workouts

Do you think you can go drinking after a tough workout or athletic competition without consequence? The extra calories will help build muscle, right? ...

By: Andy Haley

Why Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Is Giving Up Alcohol Before the Olympics

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is trying something new before this summer's Olympics: he's giving up drinking alcohol. Swimmers call giving up al...

By: Cameron Fields

5 Ways Alcohol Undermines Your Workout

There is no doubt about it: alcohol and sports are interlaced. Whether it is going out for a drink after your game with friends, or getting a beer at...

By: David Scott-McDowell

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Negative Effects of Alcohol

Sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci details how alcohol produces poor effects on everything, from your brain to your liver and ultimately your athletic performance.

Booze: The Worst Way To Recover

Hear sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci explain how alcohol dehydrates the body and how to avoid this recipe for disaster.

How Booze Can Hurt You

Aside from delaying reaction time, alcohol can potentially increase risk for injuries, like stress fractures. Tune in as sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci explains why.

Alcohol: Sleepless Nights and Poor Performance

Sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci explains how alcohol consumption leads to restless sleep, which leaves you more fatigued and performing poorly on the field.

How Alcohol Delays Recovery

How long can alcohol potentially delay recovery? Listen in to find out.