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The Truth About Altitude Training Masks

Co-written by Jeff Hill From Marshawn Lynch, to the most avid weekend warriors and the average gym goer, people have consistently done their best to...

By: Daniel Payseur

Training with the Elevation Training Mask 2.0

High-altitude training is a proven method for increasing endurance. But let's be honest—training at high altitudes is simply not an option for m...

By: Andy Haley

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Altitude Training

If you haven't heard of altitude training, where have you been? Increased endurance and extended overall time-till-fatigue are hallmarks of effective...

By: Dalton Oliver

Improve Your Performance By Training at the Perfect Altitude

Everyone knows that living at a high altitude can increase your athletic performance, right? But what if someone asked you, "well, what's the best...

By: Sam DeHority

Performance Benefits of High-Altitude Training

The desire to get a step ahead of the competition always prompts athletes to seek the latest and greatest advancements in training. One unorthodox m...

By: Jack Edwards