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9 NFL Stars Who Grew Up Playing Soccer

Soccer is a fantastic sport for sharpening footwork, agility, vision, reaction time and conditioning. That's exactly why football coaches like Mike Le...

By: Brandon Hall

Andrew Luck Reveals the 'Nerdiest' Purchase He Will Make After New Contract

When athletes sign new contracts, you imagine them going out and buying a fast car, a huge mansion or some flashy jewelry. Well, Indianapolis Colts ...

By: Rob Scott

Pro Bowl Nutrition Plan from NFL QB Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck grew up in Europe, where he learned to love both power foods like fruits and veggies and guilty pleasures such as cheese and chocolate. ...

By: Brandon Hall

Andrew Luck and the "World's Greatest Dumbbell Warm-Up"

The Andrew Luck era is officially underway in Indianapolis, and the buzz out of the Colts camp is that the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft is in co...

By: Zac Clark

Scrambling Speed With Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor

Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal beat the pulp out of Virginia Tech in Monday night's Orange Bowl, 40-12. The play of the night, however, bel...

By: Zac Clark