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Why Weak Ankles Ruin Your Strength and Speed

If you have ever spent a winter driving in Minnesota, you can appreciate the need for traction. When you're on ice, you can have all the horsepower in...

By: Jon Drees

The Single-Leg Kettlebell Swap Is the Most Important Exercise You're Not Doing

Improving foot, ankle, and hip function is something I work quite extensively on with my athletes and clients. One exercise I use on a consistent basis...

By: Joel Seedman

6 Ankle Strength and Flexibility Tips for Swimmers

When you are swimming, what does the perfect kick look like? When you envision your ankles, what are they doing and where do they go? Your ankles are an...

By: G. John Mullen

Why Ankle Mobility Training is a Must

Of all the parts of your body to worry about, your ankles are probably low on the list. Tight hamstrings, back pain and other issues typically take ...

By: Andy Haley