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4 Sprained Ankle Rehab Exercises

A sprained ankle is one of the most common sports injuries. In fact, many athletes have sprained their ankle at one point or another in their careers,...

By: Andy Haley

5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Ankle Mobility

An improvement in ankle mobility is commonly associated with a decreased injury risk. However, there are various performance aspects which can be...

By: Gethin James

High Ankle Sprains: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Introduction A high ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments above and around the ankle (see image below) get damaged or over-stretched. High ankle s...

By: Patrick Everett

Does New DonJoy POD Ankle Brace Spell the End of Taping?

Athletes everywhere may soon be taking the field with more confidence and less risk of injury—and team trainers may find they have more free time on...

By: STACK Staff

Prevent These 4 Common Sports Injuries

I really wanted to discuss some very common injuries that I encounter on a near regular basis, and have to manage with my athletes so they can get back...

By: Travis Hansen

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Chet North on Ankle Injuries in Soccer

Kansas City Wizards Head Athletic Trainer Chet North talks about ankle injuries among soccer players