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Russell Wilson's Superfast Recovery From a Badly Sprained Ankle and MCL Strain Involved Staying Up All Night

After taking down the New England Patriots on Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks sit at 6-2 and occupy first place in the NFC West. Normally, that sta...

By: Jordan Zirm

Does New DonJoy POD Ankle Brace Spell the End of Taping?

Athletes everywhere may soon be taking the field with more confidence and less risk of injury—and team trainers may find they have more free time on...

By: STACK Staff

Outsmart Injury With These 4 Predictive Tests

Every athlete wants to avoid injury . Prevention can be difficult when there is no crystal ball to tell us when, where, how and why the injury will...

By: Alex Allan

10-Minute Ankle-Strengthening Program

10 Minute Ankle Strengthening Program As a Certified Athletic Trainer, one of the most common injuries that I see in sports is the inversion ankle...

By: Steven Iorio

A Guide to Sprained Ankle Rehab

Ironically, ankle sprains are common in sports. In fact, I suffered one myself in September 2013. Unfortunately, what many medical professionals say is...

By: Chris Costa

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STACK Fitness Weekly: Prevent Ankle Sprains With 3 Exercises

In this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, we show you three simple warm-up exercises that will increase ankle strength and mobility to help prevent sprains.