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Apex Skating is one of North America's leading hockey skating and skills development firms. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Apex Skating uses principles of biomechanics and exercise science to deliver cutting-edge youth and professional player development camps and digital educational content for hockey players and coaches. For more information, or to bring Apex Skating to a city near you, visit ApexSkating.com.

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Hockey Defensemen Drills for Controlling the Puck While Skating Backwards

Puck control while skating backwards is a fundamental skill for defensemen, and all players alike, to master. One of the most common inefficiencies seen...

By: Apex Skating

How to Make Tighter and Faster Turns on the Ice

Developing powerful and efficient tight turns will ensure that a hockey player is able to change direction effectively, and always be in a position to...

By: Apex Skating

Perform the V-Stance Drill to Skate Faster

The "V­Stance Drill" is designed to teach a player how to find their maximal range of motion for knee bend and depth of center of gravity for an optimal...

By: Apex Skating

Build Elite Hockey Skating Speed With This Simple Drill

The "One Foot Stride, Two Foot Glide Drill" is the next evolution from the "One Foot Push, One Foot Glide Drill", where there is a momentary pause...

By: Apex Skating

Increase Skating Speed With the Foot Stomp Drill

A common inefficiency seen in many hockey players is what is known as the "heel kick", where the skate rises behind the player when recovering the...

By: Apex Skating