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How to Determine Your Hydration Status

1. Weigh yourself before and after practices and games. The difference in body weight represents the amount of fluid you need to drink. One pound ...

By: STACK Staff

How to Assess Your Hydration Status

Besides being risky and causing serious physical side effects, dehydration drains your body of its energy. Dr. White, Gatorade Sports Science Insti...

By: Matt Siracusa


A grueling workout can leave you with ripped muscles—literally. It's called microtrauma, and it refers to small tears in your muscle fibers, at t...

By: Sarah Gearhart

Pro Plates: Lunch

Lunch can help you recover from a morning workout. But even if you haven't completed a training session, lunch is a great way to prepare for activi...

By: STACK Staff

Improving Endurance With Apples

Everyone's heard the old expression, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." But according to researchers from Osaka City University Graduate School...

By: Joe Baur