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7 NFL Stars Who Started Their Careers By Dominating On The Scout Team

The scout team. The army of warm bodies tasked with being the starters' punching bags as they prepare for the impending opponent. The scout team is...

By: Brandon Hall

Dolphins RB Arian Foster Has Been Working Out Like Crazy to Revive His NFL Career

It seems an eternity since Arian Foster was one of the most feared running backs in the NFL. He's a guy whose combination of speed and deft footwork r...

By: Jordan Zirm

Arian Foster Uses Instagram Videos to Show NFL Teams He's Recovered from Achilles Injury

The Houston Texans released four-time Pro Bowler Arian Foster in March. Foster has battled injuries since 2013, when he had issues with his back. Mo...

By: Rob Scott

Subway "Pullin' For a Cause" Event Video, Featuring Arian Foster

It doesn't hurt to get a little barbecue sauce on your shirt—certainly nothing like the hurt Arian Foster inflicted on opposing NFL defenses last se...

By: Zac Clark