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'Batman: Arkham Knight' Coming This Fall

The Dark Knight is back, as is his original studio. Rocksteady Games is reclaiming the popular Arkham series from WB Montreal and has announced Batma...

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Gaming Update: 'Wolfenstein,' 'Doom 4,' 'Batman Arkham Origins,' Valve

Last week, Bethesda dropped updates on Wolfenstein and Doom 4, WB announced plans to bring Batman's prison jaunt to consoles, and Valve addressed...

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The Future of 'Gears of War'

In an interview on IGN's Podcast Unlocked, Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer discussed the uncertain future of the popular Gears of W...

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Gaming Update: 'Terraria 2,' 'Arkham Origins,' 'State of Decay'

Last week,  Re-Logic announced plans for a sequel to Terraria, WB promised to deliver with the Arkham Origins season pass, and Undead Labs reache...

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Gaming Update: Batman, 'Killzone,' 'Thief' Trailer

Last week, season passes for Arkham Origins and Killzone were revealed, and a pre-order bonus for Thief was announced. Batman: Arkham Origins Seaso...

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