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How the Army Is Training Soldiers Like Athletes

Army workouts are notoriously brutal. You can probably imagine soldiers lined up performing a seemingly endless number of Push-Ups with a Drill Serge...

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National Guard Wall Passing Drill

National Guard Sergeant and former professional soccer player Shauna Rohbock demonstrates the Wall Passing Drill, which improves soccer passing skills and footwork.

National Guard In and Outs

In and Outs help athletes who want to build endurance for their sport by recreating the flow of a game. Learn how you can perform this sprint drill by checking out Captain Brandon Godsey’s demonstration.

National Guard Four-Count Reverse Crunch

Increase core strength with instruction from Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert and the National Guard.

What is the National Guard?

Learn more about the National Guard and its historic roots.

National Guard Push-Up Improvement Plan #2

Increase your strength with upper body work, courtesy of Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert and the National Guard.