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5-DAY PLAN: Cross Country Training With a Heart Rate Monitor

Cross country is a popular sport in the U.S., especially at the high school level, with more than 470,000 student-athletes participating nationwide,...

By: Larry Tedor

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trail Running

Trail Running may seem pretty simple—just step off the pavement and onto a path and technically you're doing it. But as writer Bethany Gompers p...

By: STACK Staff

5 Essential Cross Country Workouts Explained

Don't know what a "fartlek" is? No problem. Here's a rundown of every cross country workout you'll encounter...

By: Andrew Meyers

2-Week Long-Distance Track Workout Training Plan

Photo: Triathlete Track season is more about speed because the distances are shorter than cross country, so for long distance runners you need the right...

By: Andrew Meyers

Olympic Runner Julie Culley's Core Workout

Photo by Mike Stog It was late in her marathon preparation when STACK sat in on Julie Culley's workout, so her objective was to strengthen her cor...

By: Brian Sabin

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How Marathoner Ryan Hall Prevents Runner's Hip Pain

Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall demonstrates a three-stretch sequence targeting the gluteus medius, a hip muscle that's a frequent source of pain for runners. Performing these moves before runs and workouts helps Hall stay pain-free.

Ryan Hall Demonstrates His Pre-Run Dynamic Warm-Up

Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall shows a series of dynamic stretches targeting the muscles marathoners use most, the hamstrings, hips and calves.

Ryan Hall Shows a Crazy (But Effective) Warm-Up Method

At first you might think the Olympic marathoner is cutting himself, but Ryan Hall is performing his unique pre-run warm-up. It's a process called myofascial release, and it helps to break up knots in his muscles.

Ryan Hall Offers Running Form Tips

With a graceful, efficient stride, Hall's form is ideal for distance running. Here, he breaks down the elements of his technique and offers tips to improve your own.

Ryan Hall's Mile Repeats Workout

Want to see fast? Watch Ryan Hall blast out 10 sub-5-minute miles at altitude at the picturesque Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, Ariz.