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Football Players: 2-Week Crash Course in Football Conditioning

Two-a-days are not easy. Your coaches push you to the brink of failure to get you in shape for your first game of the season. You had better come prep...

By: Andy Haley

Get in Shape for Football Season with These Conditioning Workouts

Football conditioning is important for performance. Football is an activity that requires repeated high-intensity activities. Athletes must be in shape...

By: John Cissik

6 Seconds of Effort: How to Build True Football Speed, Power and Conditioning

The goal of functional training is to make athletes better at the sports they play. You don't just work out to get stronger, faster and more explo...

By: Brandon Hall

Get in Football Shape Fast With Metabolic Runs

Football requires you to be quick, agile, and speedy. Maximal bursts of speed and agility are all important in football performance4 and your football...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

The MMA Workout Dashon Goldson Uses to Push His Body to the Limit

Dashon Goldson has been jumping rope for five straight minutes—just the start of his non-traditional workout, led by a non-traditional trainer. Whil...

By: Andy Haley