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Olympic Heptathlete Sharon Day-Monroe Takes Aim at Rio 2016

Perhaps no one was better suited to switch from single-event to multi-event athlete than Sharon Day-Monroe. Throughout high school and college, sh...

By: Brian Sabin

Reach New Training Heights With Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises are increasingly becoming a regular component in the bodybuilder, athlete or powerlifter's repertoire. It's a growing trend --...

By: Mitch Calvert

3 Speed Workouts to Improve Your Top-End Sprints

The three best speed workouts to improve your top end speed. All the workouts below require a warm up specifically geared to running at maximum speed....

By: Lee Ness

Greg Nixon's Heart-Pounding Conditioning Workout

When Greg Nixon was a junior in college, he discovered that track, not football, was his true calling. Everything had to change— especially his ...

By: STACK Staff

Maximum Speed Track Workouts for Sprinters

As a sprinter, you always have to find ways to get faster. You may have spent the off-season developing this skill, but you can continue increasing yo...

By: Corbin Lang

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How Greg Nixon Gets More 'Twerk' on the Track

Discover the Dumbbell Trunk Twist-High Pull superset used by elite 400m sprinter Greg Nixon to keep his strides long and strong down the stretch.

Greg Nixon's Full-Body Dumbbell Circuit

Get your muscles in sync and ready to fire with this dumbbell warm-up routine performed by elite sprinter Greg Nixon.

How Greg Nixon Converts Strength to Speed

Discover the superset that helps sprinter Greg Nixon get his muscles in sync for the 400-meter run.

Greg Nixon's Hill Training Program

The elite 400m sprinter demonstrates the Hill Run routine he uses to improve his speed, conditioning and mental toughness.

Greg Nixon's Mini Hurdle Drill

Refine your sprint mechanics and improve your conditioning with this Mini Hurdle Drill, brought to you by elite 400m sprinter Greg Nixon.