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Use Velocity-Based Training to Get More Out of Your Athlete Assessments

Assessments are vital to implementing a strength and conditioning program. Without at least some form of baseline data, how can we measure progress, i...

By: Justin Ochoa

Test Your Power With These 2 Exercises

Power is probably the most sought after facet of athleticism in sports. Maximal power is the highest amount of force and velocity your able to produce...

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Complete Off-Season Baseball Workout, Part 1: Rebuild

Over the last several years the inclusion of performance training for baseball players has been on the rise. A sport once entrenched in its historical...

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Unlock Your Full Athletic Potential

What are the secrets to unlock full potential? How can you stop frustrating losses and devastating defeats from happening again? How can you use your...

By: J. Scott Warner

Why Athletes Should Practice Yoga

I had the pleasure of spending a week at Canyon Ranch, located in the Berkshires in Lenox, Massachusetts. It's spa and fitness heaven, offering ev...

By: Chris Costa