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Ric Flair is Good Friends With Jim Harbaugh and Will Be in The House For Michigan's National Signing Day

There's no more entertaining coach in college football than Jim Harbaugh. During the January recruiting push to capture top prospects, Harbaugh p...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Athletes Must Focus on Developing Their Own Identity

The number of arrest we are witnessing involving college and professional athletes is an issue we can no longer ignore. The NFL, NBA and NCAA must begin...

By: Mark Robinson

Recruiting Terms You Need to Know

The start of the 2013-2014 high school athletic season is just around the corner, and with it the beginning of the fall recruiting season. Knowing...

By: Robert Pomazak

Air Force Study Confirms Efficacy of Vision Training

As an athlete, you've probably heard about ways to improve your reaction time and eye-hand coordination and wondered if they are effective. To fin...

By: Skyword

5 Keys to Researching College Athletic Programs

Roster Visit athletic department websites to assess team rosters. A team loaded with seniors could mean early playing time, since holes in the depth ...

By: Zac Clark