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Learn about the passion, performance and results that make Athletic Gaines the training home for numerous professional athletes each year.

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NBA All-Star Paul Millsap's Quick Feet Drill

Atlanta Hawks power forward Paul Millsap can do a little bit of everything. The two-time NBA All-Star can use his quickness to get by you, his power...

By: Rob Scott

Introducing the 2015 'All-Gaines NFL Combine Team'

His pre-draft training programs have produced first-round draft picks every year since 2010, including Andrew Luck, the number 1 selection in 201...

By: Zac Clark

Andrew Luck and the "World's Greatest Dumbbell Warm-Up"

The Andrew Luck era is officially underway in Indianapolis, and the buzz out of the Colts camp is that the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft is in co...

By: Zac Clark

Refine Your 40-Yard Dash Start Technique

Start technique is an crucial factor that can make or break your 40 time. "How an athlete gets into his three-point stance is very important," say...

By: STACK Staff

Chris Johnson's Speed Workout

His teeth are gold, his hair is untamed and his running style is beautifully unpredictable. But at the heart of Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson li...

By: Josh Staph

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NBA All-Star Paul Millsap's Drill for Quick Feet

NBA All-Star Paul Millsap's Drill for Quick Feet

Athletic Gaines: Get Faster With Weighted Sled Pushes

At Athletic Gaines in Las Vegas, coach Travelle Gaines takes his athlete through Weighted Sled Pushes.

Get More Explosive With the Athletic Gaines Hip Workout

NFL Combine athletes at Athletic Gaines (Las Vegas) train their hips to improve flexibility and strength.

Athletic Gaines NFL Combine Training: Med Ball Seated Throws

At his Athletic Gaines training facility in Las Vegas, Travelle Gaines takes his NFL Combine athletes through Med Ball Seated Throws, a competitive partner exercise that he believes improves core development and hand-eye coordination.

Athletic Gaines NFL Combine Training: Single-Leg Circuit

Trainer Travelle Gaines prescribes a Single-Leg Circuit for NFL prospects preparing for the Combine at Athletic Gaines (Las Vegas).