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16 Common Causes of Sports Injuries

Sports are unpredictable. Anything can happen on the field, including injuries. And although sometimes athletes get hurt through something totally...

6 Ways to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

As an Athletic Trainer and Strength coach, I'm often asked by coaches and personal trainers how to prevent injury in their athletes and clients. This...

How to Recover After Getting Hit by a Pitch

That fastball came in like a heat-seeking missile. The target: the middle of your back. Whether it was intentional or not doesn't really matter. ...

10-Minute Ankle-Strengthening Program

10 Minute Ankle Strengthening Program As a Certified Athletic Trainer, one of the most common injuries that I see in sports is the inversion ankle...

Do's and Don'ts: Building Muscle for Athletes

Many athletes are introduced to weight training through bodybuilding workouts. With organized strength and conditioning programs still omitted from most...

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