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What's the Difference Between Dry Needling and Acupuncture?

The Latest Technique in Sports Performance Physical Therapy When it comes to new age physical therapy techniques changing the game in the rehabilitation...

By: John Rusin

5 Ways Alcohol Undermines Your Workout

There is no doubt about it: alcohol and sports are interlaced. Whether it is going out for a drink after your game with friends, or getting a beer at...

By: David Scott-McDowell

WATCH: You'll Never Believe How High This Pro Bodybuilder Can Jump

The Vertical Jump test is used at the NFL Combine to assess athleticism, and it's one of the most important events at the Combine. Although it's...

By: Andy Haley

3 Steps to Alleviate a Sore Neck

One of the more common problems/injuries that I see in the athletic training clinic is a sore neck. Whether it is a lacrosse player sustaining a big hit...

By: Steven Iorio

10-Minute Ankle-Strengthening Program

10 Minute Ankle Strengthening Program As a Certified Athletic Trainer, one of the most common injuries that I see in sports is the inversion ankle...

By: Steven Iorio